Design & Build

Focused and Fast


We facilitate workshops that focuses your team to identify the best use case to meet your company’s strategic goals. We utilise our extensive business experience in workshops that are quick and effective, introducing your organisation to the chatbot, artificial intelligence and natural language processing. We also guide your through the design and development of the chatbot persona.

Conversation design

Once the main use case has been determined through workshops, we will ask you to provide the content we need to build chatbot conversations. After analysing the content we will design the chatbot conversations to meet your strategic goals.


Conversations will be built using the latest chatbot conversation design techniques that meet the highest quality standards. We use a build platform that facilitates the very fast build and test iterations.  In fact, we find that all delivery delays are due to waiting for content.


With Natural Language Processing being an integral part of your new chatbot, your virtual assistant will learn, grow and adapt the more user exposure it encounters.  We will help you run a chatbot ‘soft launch’ where your bot will learn and grow before being proudly announced.  We can also migrate any existing data conversation analytics to get your bot ready for launch in no time at all.


Now comes the fun part. You bot is ‘out there’ and working, collecting conversations that you never knew would happen. It’s now your opportunity to grow and to meet the demands of your customers that you never before knew existed. We will train you and hand over your bot, the build platform and analytics to you for future growth and training where you have complete control. Exciting eh?

oh, and did we mention that we partner with Ambit? They are a no-coding GUI chatbot development platform. Check them out here