Once you have decided on the initial use case for your chatbot, we can give you a fixed price for the conversation design and build.

We offer the following consultation services:

Bot conception and design workshop

This is a half day interactive workshop where we help you determine the requirements for your bot and how this can be most beneficial for your organisation.

Contact us now to co-design your chatbot and develop a chatbot growth strategy.

Bot pilot design and build

We will use the outcome from the bot conception and design workshop to build a working bot pilot within 2 weeks.

Fixed price dependent on design workshop outcome.

Personality workshop

It’s important for your chatbot to portray a personality that reflects your brand, creating a delightful first impression and keeping your customers engaged. We will facilitate a half day workshop to help you develop a personality for your chatbot that supports your business brand.

Contact us now to help develop the personality and avatar for your chatbot.

Bot delivery project management

In our experience, delivering a chatbot is different to delivering other types of IT services. We help can guide you through the process, offering a full project management service, or one customised to your needs.

Project Management Services can work on a time and materials or fixed price basis. Contact us now for more information.