About Us

TASKAI was founded by Michelle Williams and Alan Campbell. Their vision is to build a company that moves beyond the hype of new technologies, to being able to add real value for their customers. This requires a deep business and technical understanding.

Michelle Williams – Co-Founder and CEO

Michelle brings extensive technical and consultancy experience to the TaskAI table. With a technical background and sharp business acumen she is focused on delivering the best solution for any technical or business challenge.

She has provided technical and business consultancy services to many UK, New Zealand and Australian businesses. These include Hesta Superfund (AU), NZ Superfund, Global Dairy Trade, Waste Management, Air New Zealand, World Vision, Mighty River Power (Metrix), Auckland Transport, but to name a few.

With a deep understanding of how businesses tick, she now focuses on assisting businesses to utilise the power of artificial intelligence and deliver real value. Helping to define business goals, workshop designs and deliver chatbot solutions to meet those goals.

She says “It never ceases to amaze me how many organisations face complex challenges and try to implement complex solutions to meet those challenges. I help businesses to take a step back from the situation and target the real issues. This makes the solution much easier to comprehend, implement and succeed.”

Alan Campbell – Co-Founder and COO

Alan has worked as a Senior Project Manager / Programme Manager across a wide range of companies and industries,  allowing him to develop a unique perspective on how problems are created, and how they can be solved. From companies that have struggled for market share, to ones that have struggled through too much demand, companies mired in process, or drowning in chaos, Alan has seen it all and successfully navigated his way to achieving successful business outcomes.

“Forget the science of project management” Alan says, “in the end it’s seldom the schedule or the risk report that is remembered, what is remembered is,  was the project worth doing. Did it achieve its goal, add the required value?”

New technologies don’t change that. Too many companies layer over old problems with a new technology and wonder why they fail. We don’t do that at TaskAI. We seek to understand the problem that your are looking to solve, or the opportunity that you want to exploit. Then we apply the right technology.