What can a chatbot do for your service desk?

hand-1571842_640Everyone’s heard the hype about artificial intelligence and how it’s going to take over the world one day but lets get back to earth and talk chatbots.

They are out there, live and kicking. You can see them on corporate websites and in messaging channels. They are difficult to design, expensive to build and all they can do is chat? I don’t think so.

Here’s my top ten chatbot features that can make a great service provider and customer experience.

1. Provide user guidance to resolve issues. Chatbots can ask the right questions and gather the right information to interrogate knowledge bases and to resolve issues.
2. Find information, and FAST. Designed in the right way, a chatbot can retrieve just the information you want at the touch of a button. Forget searching around FAQs, intranets, confluence pages and sharepoint sites. The bot can do all of that for you and much better than any human.
3. Automate boring, repetitive tasks. A bot doesn’t get sick, is always pleased to speak to anyone and is delighted to do all those boring monotonous tasks that any service desk agent tries to avoid.
4. Provide data insights – your data is the key to your success. Your service desk agents can concentrate on tasks that will improve your business and pro-actively resolve issues. They no longer have to constantly ‘fire fight’ day in and day out.
5. Be available 24×7. Bots never sleep, get bored or miserable. They can provide an excellent service 100% of the time. No more key person dependency.
6. Stamp our telephone IVR ‘press this button for’ pain – whoohoo! All customers dislike these – enough said.
7. Learn more about your customers. Customer conversations can improve over time (NLP) and, if designed in the right way, can provide a personalised service tailored to the needs and activity patterns of individual customers that will delight each and every one of them.
8. Characterise your organisation and your services. To provide a unique and engaging experience, design your bot with a character all of it’s own to engage your customers.
9. Create a ‘personality’ for your business. Whether it be sleek and professional or fun and funky, the bot can be the front of your organisational image.
10. Bots support humans. There will always be the need to speak to a human when things get difficult. Use a bot to triage support requests and leave the ‘curly ones’ to the humans.  However, make sure the human knowledge is transferred to the virtual bot so they can solve it next time. This will grow your knowledge base and continuously improve your customer service capability. win/win I say.


3 thoughts on “What can a chatbot do for your service desk?

  1. Alan Campbell says:

    I like the thought about creating a personality for your company. Too many companies today are just so bland…

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